Age 14 and up

Ongoing Advenced Class

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Our 3D Modeling and Animation class for students aged 14+ is an online class designed for students whom are interested in learning modeling in a 3D space. Students will be learning how to create a variety of models that vary from simple characters to complex objects. The course will cover modeling, animation, textures and materials, simulation and emitters, rendering, and much more. This class is a great choice for students interested in animation, game design, as well as, students interested in studying to be architects and engineers. In our introduction course, we have smaller class sizes so we can best focus on you and how to improve your skills. Classes are once per week and are one hour long and taught on Blender Software.

Group Class

Cost: Can$200 ( HST included) per 8 weeks

Private Class

Cost: Can$40 ( HST included) per 30 minute class

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